Type-In : Dragon User : Fault Line Graphics


I was leafing through a Dragon User PDF and a program listing jumped out at me. It was a real nostalgia trip - I spent a lot of time playing around with that program. It was not too long to type in and the article explained how it worked very clearly. It too a while but produced some pretty cool solid 3d graphics.

So I typed into my PC and fired it into my emulator of choice XROAR (it is a Dragon specific type-in for now) and had fun fixing all my typos and making some cool pictures. It was also fun to use the emulated floppies to load and save the data. The program takes some time even with the speed up poke but hitting F12 on XROAR can make the time fly by!

The version from Dragon user is available here - named FLGORIG.BAS and a Dragon vdk disk image too. If anyone wants to have a go at optimising the basic, please do but keep in mind there's not much memory left over. There's probably a quick win of just using one graphics screen to free up 4k or so.

What Next?

I am hoping to port to the Coco 3 - shouldn't be a great deal of changes. At the higher clock rate things should be turbo charged! There's a few features I would like to add too - such as validating the generated data (it can crash at present if height values get too high), a progress bar and maybe play with some of the higher resolutions on the GIME.

Happy quaking!

I Made A Disk Menu!

Not having a disk system meant I never had the fun of putting a disk menu together... until now!

For the Tandy COCO - I have put together a disk menu with 2 games on it plus 5 mini (10 liners) didn't get round to releasing it. Most have been released before but Ingress Island (text adventure) and Yeti Hunt (10 liner) are brand new. Hope you can have some fun with it! Send any bugs my way... Now I think I'll go and see if I can solve my own text adventure... 

10 Line Game - Speed Trek for the Coco and Dragon

'Speed Trek' for the Tandy Coco and Dragon
Want to got on a 5 year mission but just don't have the time? This game is for you!
You arrive at a series of planet. Waste no time and issue some orders and see what happens. The right result increases your rating - will you make Admiral?
A space themed version of Rock, Papers, Scissors squished into a mere 10 lines of basic.

Download from this site

Gameplay - Mined Out by Quicksilva on the Dragon 32

A minesweeper type game where you have to travel across increasingly dangerous screens.

This games makes good use of the text screen and all the Dragon's available colours in that blocky resolution.

Three more notable things about this game:
1. It is still really fun to play!
2. The animated instructions are fun and so advanced for the time.
3. The action replay feature is very cool for an old game.

Highly recommended puzzle action game :-)

Gameplay - Red Meanies by Salamander - Dragon 32

A 3d version of Pacman with a back story about intergalactic cheese snufflers or something! Minimal sound but a surprisingly fast 3d maze game that is good fun to play.

Gameplay - Beanstalker on the Dragon 32

Lode Runner meets Jack and the Beanstalk in this fun platformer. Programmed by Roy Coates who ported Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy to the Dragon, this is a solid game despite not having the polish or class of the well known Software Projects title.

The menu item marked reserved actually leads to a very functional screen designer with load/save features. Oddly this wasn't used as a selling point for the game.

Gameplay - Dragrunner by Cable Software - Dragon 32

There's some similarity to Frogger and other dodging type games in this reflex laden game. There are also robots to zap and lasers to hasten you up the screen. Graphics are good and smooth but the sound is where things stand out with sampled speech (rare on the Dragon) and good sound effects. Not a tonne of depth or variation but a good fast arcade game that is well worth loading up for a round or two! Progressively harder levels too.

Gameplay - Miser's Dream by Micro Vision on the Dragon 32 - Gameplay Video

In a world where piggy banks are larger than trains... This surprisingly original PMODE3 arcade puzzler from Micro Vision has you guiding falling coins to a piggy bank in the bottom left of the screen. Greed being the unspoken motivation. A train that drops items to destroy the coins messes with you big time! This has shades of lemmings as you save the treasure from a watery end. Lots of puzzling to be had - with only criticism that levels are a little too long to play. Good stuff and well worth loading up!

Type-In : Dragon User : Fault Line Graphics

Introduction I was leafing through a Dragon User PDF and a program listing jumped out at me. It was a real nostalgia trip - I spent a lot of...